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Packaging materials
Packaging materials

Packaging Materials; Essential Information About Material In Packaging Industry

It doesn’t matter what your job is; If you operate as a supplier, storekeeper, manufacturer and simple seller, you must pay attention to packaging and packaging materials for your business.

If you have products to offer and sell, how you package your products is very effective in sales and customer satisfaction.

At this stage, getting good information about the types of packaging and raw materials needed is necessary.

If you use very high-quality packaging materials, the health of your products will be guaranteed during transportation, and these actions will also help your organization’s branding.

Different Types Of Packaging Materials

Packaging materials are necessary for all businesses; Even if you don’t have great products, you will need quality and appropriate packaging to move some products, or documents, provide food to personnel, and so on.

Packaging materials are available in different types used in various product packaging. Other packaging materials will be considered depending on the kind of products and their sensitivity in transportation.

It is natural that to package products, you should prioritize their safety and care so that a product reaches the receivers or customers in the best possible way.

Stay with us in this article to provide the necessary information about packaging materials.

Classification Of Packaging Materials

In general packaging, it is interesting to know that packaging materials are considered in the following types:

  • Primary Packaging
  • Secondary packaging
  • Tertiary Packaging
  • Ancillary packaging

Each of the above categories includes subcategories that are very useful in product packaging. In the following, we introduced the subsets of packaging materials.

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packaging materials
packaging materials

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are one of the specially designed packaging materials. Three layers of relatively thick cardboard are used in this type of packaging, the two outer sheets of which are flat, and the middle sheet is wavy. This type of raw material helps to protect the products more.

Stretch Film

Stretch Film is one of the raw materials suitable for packaging products produced from thin and stretchable plastics.

Stretch Film is used to secure and lock the goods so they do not move or damage the products during transportation.

Stretch Film increases in length when it is stretched, and this will cause the products to be compressed together. The following different types are considered for Stretch Film:

  • Hand Stretch Film
  • Machine Stretch Film
  • Blown Stretch Film
  • Cast Stretch Film
  • Pre-Stretched Film
Stretch film in packaging design
Stretch film in packaging design

Shrink Film

Shrink Film is one of the packaging materials that is made of polymer plastic film. When Shrink Film is heated, it shrinks and sticks to products.

It is possible to create the heat required for this packaging with a heat gun or pass the product through a heat tunnel.

These actions will make the goods stick together, and the Shrink Film will help maintain their strength during transportation.

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Shrink Film
Shrink Film

Printed Shrink Film & Its Types

In general, Printed Shrink Films are similar to traditional transparent shrink films, but with a significant difference; Printed Shrink Film has provided you with the possibility to consider unique designs, printing, logo and printing coloring for your product packaging.

Printed Shrink Film will brand your products and introduce your brand to others best. Printed shrink film includes types of polyolefins shrink film and polyethene shrink film.

PE is designed and manufactured by the leading manufacturers of this type of packaging and is generally thicker.

Printed shrink film in packaging
Printed shrink film in packaging

Shrink Film Tubing

Shrink Film Tubing is one of the packaging materials classified in the form of a roll. Shrink Film Tubing is often cut into small sleeves, and the cut pieces are exactly what is used in product packaging. Shrink Film Tubing has different titles, including heat seal tubing, high-speed tubing, and poly tubing. These raw materials are generally made of plastic. In particular, Shrink Film Tubing is used for packaging food, sauces, cold tea and drinks.


Polybags are among the common packaging materials that are often made of polyethylene. Polybags are any plastic bag used for packing and transporting products. Polybags are very suitable for packing and transporting goods.

Using Polybags will significantly help to optimize your business costs. Polybags are a convenient alternative to cardboard packaging, and recyclable materials will be used to produce Polybags, which will minimize the harmful effects on the environment.

Polybags are the perfect choice for carrying magazines, print media, books, DVDs, cosmetics, shoe boxes, clothing or textile products.


Roll Bags Uses

Roll bags are transparent or customized bags that are made from different types of plastics. Roll bags are mounted on the central core during production and wrapped around a cylindrical tube to make them easier to use.

Each Roll bag has a hole through which the products enter the bags. Roll bags have many uses, but generally, roll bags are used for mailing, medical supplies, and popular consumer goods. Roll bags can be filled manually or with an automated bagger.

Laminated Pouches

Laminated Pouches are made of plastics or polymers. A unique adhesive is used at the end of Laminated Pouches, which react to heat and are sealed.

To use Laminated Pouches and fill them, you need special equipment. Laminated Pouches are used in various industries using functional packaging materials.

Laminated Pouches packaging
Laminated Pouches packaging

Plastic Containers

Plastic containers include plastic containers, disposable cups and generally recyclable, durable or disposable plastic packaging that have many applications in various industries.

Plastic containers are used for packaging all kinds of food, cosmetics and any product that needs plastic packaging. Various industries depend on plastic containers, generally produced from plastic and cardboard packaging.

Food storage depends on plastic containers to store food. Plastic containers will have fewer harmful environmental effects if they are recyclable and durable.

Also, the convenience and cheapness of plastics are one of the main reasons for the excessive use of plastic containers in various industries.

Plastic Containers
Plastic Containers

Thermoformed Products

In general, Thermoformed Products are made of thermoplastics. Thermoformed products are usually used for electronic packaging products.

Thermoplastics are heated and are considered in various forms according to the needs of the industry. Thermoplastics are also molded in different types according to the kind of products.

Tin Cans For Packaging

Tin Cans are designed and produced in different types. Tin Can is one of the packaging that, in some cases, has a sealed top; in some cases, the top can be removed and lifted.

Tin Can is generally used for packaging food and canned goods, but it is also used in other industries to store paint, tobacco, and medical products.

Tin cans for packaging
Tin cans for packaging

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is one of the raw materials for packaging that is covered with silicone. Parchment Paper is an anti-fat, heat-resistant and non-stick product, which is also called baking or bakery paper. This paper is generally brown, and chemicals are used to whiten it.

Parchment paper is sold in rolls and aluminum foils that you can cut into different shapes and sizes and use in ovens and microwaves up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit.

Paper Bags Or Wet-strength Paper

Paper Bags or Wet-Strength Paper are among the most widely used in various industries in which biodegradable packaging materials are used.

Wet-Strength Paper is in the form of paper bags that are resistant to wetness. The difference between paper bags and Wet-Strength Paper is that in the first one, there is a handle to carry the products more efficiently, but in the second one, there is usually no handle.

Paper Bags or Wet-Strength Paper
Paper Bags or Wet-Strength Paper

Lamitubes / Laminated Tubes Use In Industry

Lamitubes or Laminated Tubes are used in various industries, but their primary use is in cosmetics and health. Lamitubes are considered for the packaging of creams or toothpaste due to their high flexibility.

Two subgroups can be regarded as Lamitubes, which are separated according to the material and transparency of the packaging; ABL and PBL are two categories for Laminated Tubes, which are placed in two separate categories according to the material and resistance to pressure, heat and tension and have many applications.

Mono Cartons & Their Use

You are familiar with attractive packages widely used in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. These special packages, designed and produced with high-quality packaging materials, are called Mono cartons.

Mono cartons are an excellent option as attractive packaging for advertising as well as compact and safe packaging of products.

Mono cartons are a perfect option for displaying products with a smooth bottom and an exterior window to display the products.

These packaging cartons are recyclable and printable and are designed and produced in different shapes and sizes.

Mono cartons
Mono cartons

Retort Pouches

Retort Pouches or etortable pouches are a type of bag packaging used for food. Retort Pouches are a great alternative to cans and jars because they offer the same benefits as Retort Pouches over cans.

Retort Pouches are used for food because you can heat and sterilize them in the same package.

Paper-Foil Laminate

Paper-Foil Laminate is one of the most helpful packaging in food packaging, chocolate and plates. Paper-Foil Laminate is made of high-quality metalized paper.

Paper-Foil laminates are very similar to retort pouches, but they have one noticeable difference, which is the same material as the packaging material.

Composite Cans

Composite Cans are among the most widely used packaging in the food industry, especially for particular drinks. If you pay attention, some chips and drinks are packaged and presented in composite cans.

The high attractiveness of Composite Cans will create unique business branding and advertising.

The Advantages Of Glass Containers

If you have questions about the benefits of Glass Containers, we must say that this type of packaging is sustainable; Also, Glass Containers are refillable and, most importantly, recyclable.

Due to the packaging materials used in Glass Containers, you can easily store food and drinks in this packaging.

Glass Containers are very attractive and eye-catching, which makes customers go for this type of product.

Shrink Wrap

Shrink wrap is a stretchable plastic layer that keeps products together; Also, shrink wrap protects the goods, especially food, from pollution and dust.

You can wrap shrink wrap around one product or several products side by side and then heat the ends to make your packaging solid and durable.

Woven Sacks & Its Base

Woven Sacks are an excellent option for use in some industries if we want to introduce robust and resistant packaging that is usually made of fabric.

Woven bags are generally made of materials that are woven together. Different pieces of yarn are put together to create a vital part of fabric called woven Sacks.

Woven Sacks are flexible but do not stretch too much and retain shape.

Jute Bags

Jute Bags are practical packaging designed and produced from quality packaging raw materials. Jute Bags are used to make advertising bags, handbags, shopping bags, food bags, lunch bags and packaging used daily.

Jute is an essential natural fiber product widely used in various trades and industries.

jute bags
jute bags

Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap is a plastic sheet made of air bubbles used to transport, pack and move important and sensitive products and goods.

Bubble Wrap is made from highly functional packaging materials that protect sharp and breakable goods during transportation and cause minimal product damage. Bubble Wrap is sold in rolls and is typically placed in mailing envelopes.

Plastic Crates

One of the most critical packaging methods in various industries is Plastic Crates. Plastic crates store various goods and transport them to other places.

The products are placed in plastic crates and, depending on the sensitivity of the goods, they are transferred to transport machines such as trains or trucks, with or without a cover. Plastic crates protect products from possible damage.

EPS Trays

Expanded Polystyrene is one of the excellent packaging materials that is made of 98% air. EPS Trays are used in product packaging because they have insulating properties, lightweight and are very strong. They are also used in the construction industry, roads and home appliances.

The Advantages Of Wooden Crates

People may be worried about the possible damage caused to them by moving the products. Wooden Crates are one of the best products that protect goods during transportation.

Wooden crates are one of the best packaging materials suitable for transporting light and heavy goods. In general, things like the durability of materials, compatibility with the environment and the cost of raw materials are considered in choosing the type of packaging.

Corrugated Fiber Board

Corrugated fiberboard is a packaging fiber made by gluing a fluted corrugated sheet to one or two sheets of flat linerboard. Corrugated fiberboard is used for packing cereal boxes and other consumer goods. Corrugated fiberboard is used for shipping boxes, packaging and retail displays.

Wooden Containers

A wooden Container is a wooden container that is used to transport products. Wooden Containers are made from all kinds of durable and functional wood to minimize damage to the products being moved.

Wooden Pallet

Wooden pallets are made of boards and rafters, whose primary material is sawn wood. Wooden Pallet is used to collect, store and move products that are transferred to another place by forklifts, conveyors or pallet jacks.

Wooden Pallet
Wooden Pallet

Plastic Pallet Usage

Plastic Pallet is used to move food and medicine. Like Wooden pallets, plastic is used for transporting and storing products.

The difference between Plastic pallets and other similar options is that the products transported with them are sensitive to contamination and damage.


In this article, we have discussed the details of packaging and packaging materials. By reading this text, you can get complete and comprehensive information about the types of packaging and their uses in different industries.

You know that using suitable and high-quality packaging can attract more customers and business branding. Be careful in choosing the type of packaging for your products and choose the best option.

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What are the packaging materials?

Packaging materials are available in different types used in various product packaging. Other packaging materials will be considered depending on the kind of products and their sensitivity in transportation.

What is the most ideal packaging material?

Packaging materials are available in different types used in various product packaging. Other packaging materials will be considered depending on the kind of products and their sensitivity in transportation.

What is the classification of packaging materials?

In general packaging, it is interesting to know that packaging materials are considered in the following types:
Primary Packaging
Secondary packaging
Tertiary Packaging
Ancillary packaging