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Maxon Introduces Impressive Updates for Cinema 4D, Redshift, and More

Maxon, the renowned software giant, has unveiled the latest innovations and features added to its products and tools ahead of the usual NAB release schedule. With a steadfast focus on empowering artists, Maxon aims to enable them to unleash their creativity more efficiently than ever before.
Originally known for Cinema 4D, Maxon has expanded its suite with Redshift, Red Giant, and ZBrush, all seamlessly integrated into the comprehensive Maxon One package. The recent updates bring enhancements across a variety of these individual applications, catering to the diverse needs of artists and creators.

Cinema 4D – Particles

The journey started with Cinema 4D, and the thrilling news is the development and release of a brand-new particle system. This highly anticipated feature, often requested by the community, demonstrates Maxon’s commitment to not only listening to feedback but also delivering on it.

Cinema 4D - Particles
Cinema 4D – Particles

The physically based particle system has undergone several years of development. It empowers artists to infuse vitality into their scenes and orchestrate simulations grounded in accurate physical properties.

Integrated seamlessly into the simulation system, this particle feature allows the generation of particles from soft bodies and pyro effects. A notable application includes the creation of sparks emerging from a fire simulation.

Additionally, the utilization of GPU acceleration enhances the rendering speed of these particles, facilitating quick generation of effects. Consequently, this feature is not only beneficial but also essential for fine-tuning parameters and attaining the intended visual impact.

Redshift: Artistic Rendering Beyond Photorealism

The trend of toon-style rendering is on the rise across various renderers, and it’s commendable to witness Redshift embracing this trend. By offering highly stylized rendering outputs, artists can infuse a fresh aesthetic into their animations, crafting stunning cartoons with ease.

Cinema 4D
Redshift: Artistic Rendering Beyond Photorealism

Redshift’s integration of contour modes and toon material nodes equips users with comprehensive tools to achieve stylistic outcomes with a distinctive visual charm. Beyond cartoon animations, Maxon aims to cater to architects by providing tools for creating simplified renderings that facilitate client feedback, eliminating the need for generating photorealistic renders.

Red Giant: Geo Plugin for Enhanced Visual Effects

Introducing a new tool designed for Adobe After Effects artists to delve into the realm of 3D seamlessly. This tool enables artists to texture and illuminate objects in a 3D environment without the need to master a dedicated 3D DCC software, which can often be daunting for many.
The compositing workflow supports casting shadows on ground planes and integrating branded content onto screens within a scene.

Maxon One – Capsules

Capsules serve as Maxon‘s ready-to-use assets delivered monthly to facilitate artists in swiftly setting up scenes. These capsules come complete with materials, ensuring they are ready for rendering straight out of the box. The most recent release features ivy generators along with commonly utilized items such as wood flooring and plants.

Pricing Overview

Cinema 4D bundled with Redshift is priced at £74.39 per month, while Redshift alone comes at a reduced rate of £19.30 monthly. For access to Red Giant in After Effects, a subscription of £49.50 per month is required. Opting for the comprehensive Maxon One package, encompassing all offerings, incurs a monthly fee of £99.89. All subscription charges are billed on an annual basis.