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COLLINS Rebrands Disney’s Freeform Network

COLLINS, a design and communications agency, has recently rebranded Freeform, an American cable channel currently owned by Walt Disney Television. Originally founded in 1977 as The CBN Cable Network by TV preacher and Christian nationalist Pat Robertson, the channel has undergone multiple rebrands over the years.

Prior to adopting the name Freeform at the beginning of 2016, it was known by different other names, including ABC Family, Fox Family Channel, and The Family Channel. According to COLLINS, the latest refresh was necessary because Freeform has fully evolved into a streaming-first channel, and its transformed programming challenges industry conventions.

The agency collaborated with Freeform’s leaders to create a brand that saw its audience as a community, not just an age group. The new visual identity is dominated by a distinct-looking typeface that takes the original cut of Helvetica, Neue Haas Grotesk, designed in 1957-1961 by Max Miedinger and Eduard Hoffman.

COLLINS transformed the typeface in collaboration with Monotype, and it represents Freeform’s ability to reinvent itself through color, shape, and movement.

In summary, Freeform has undergone a significant rebranding to reflect its evolution into a streaming-first channel, and COLLINS has worked with its leaders to create a brand that sees its audience as a community.

The new visual identity, dominated by a unique typeface, represents Freeform’s capacity to constantly reinvent itself.

“Freeform’s Rebranding by COLLINS Reflects Streaming-First Approach and Community Focus”

Furthermore, COLLINS stated that the new brand voice and purpose of Freeform needed to be transformed to match its programming. They emphasized that Freeform’s programming challenged industry norms, and the brand needed to reflect that.

The agency used the concept of “Made by Freeform” to develop the new brand, which aims to highlight the channel’s unique programming and audience. The goal was to showcase that Freeform is not just a channel but a community of individuals united by a particular mindset.

The new brand identity features a unique typeface that is always evolving and never looks resolved. This design concept aims to reflect the ever-changing nature of Freeform’s programming and its audience.

The typeface’s transformation was a collaborative effort between COLLINS and Monotype, resulting in a distinctive visual identity for Freeform.

In conclusion, the rebranding of Freeform by COLLINS is a significant transformation that aims to reflect the channel’s evolution into a streaming-first platform. The new brand identity and voice emphasize the channel’s unique programming and audience, which are represented by a distinctive typeface that is always evolving.

Freeform’s rebranding is an excellent example of how a brand can evolve to meet the changing needs of its audience and the industry.