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BO it! 2023

BO it! 2023; International Illustration Competition

BO it! is an international illustration contest open to creative people from every background. The project aims to promote creative work, facilitate networking and exchange between artists, including non-professional artists and people belonging to protected categories.

In each edition, artists are asked to propose their vision of the city of Bologna addressing the chosen topic along with a “shape”. The “shape” of the third edition of the contest represents the outline of the city of Bologna (“cresta” or “circla”) which recalls the cell of a beehive.

The international call is open to everyone, the only limit is being older than 18. It’s possible to participate individually or collectively. The jury will select 30 artworks, including three winners (one of the prizes will be reserved for an artist in the protected categories).


BO it! offers three prizes for the selected artworks:

  1. First prize: 1000 euros
  2. Second prize: 500 euros
  3. Third prize: 250 euros

In addition, a special mention and a prize of 250 euros will be awarded to an artist in the protected categories, selected among the 30 selected artworks.

The artworks will be evaluated by a jury composed of professionals from the world of art and culture, as well as experts in communication, sustainability and urban planning.

The three winning artworks will become part of the permanent collection of the MAMbo – Museum of Modern Art in Bologna. The selected artworks will be exhibited at MAMbo, as well as in other cultural spaces in the city of Bologna.

Moreover, the artists will have the opportunity to participate in various events organized by BO it! and its partners. The selected artworks will also be featured in the BO it! catalogue and on the official website.

The winning artworks will be featured in a traveling exhibition that will be showcased in various locations throughout the city of Bologna and beyond. Additionally, a catalogue will be published featuring the selected works and artists.


The deadline for submission is June 30th, 2023. The winners will be announced in September 2023.

BO it! is a project created and promoted by That’s a Mole! Association with the contribution of the City of Bologna, Bologna University, and a network of partners that support and believe in the values of creativity, inclusivity, and sustainability.

Participating in BO it! means joining a community that is passionate about art, culture, and the city of Bologna. It’s an opportunity to showcase your work, connect with other artists, and contribute to a meaningful project that promotes positive change.

To participate in the contest and learn more about the rules and guidelines, visit the BO it! website.