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Clothes Packaging; Types, Step, Tips

Fashion is about appearance. Even great clothes won’t sell if buyers don’t like them. We believe more than looks matter. In fashion, “looks” matter most. The “look” of your clothing goods is what counts most when it comes to clothing packaging, and the distinctiveness of your clothing packaging attracts customers and boosts brand awareness. You may customize the product since there is no standard look. Clothing packaging design is a key differentiator. Follow us

Clothes packaging
Clothes packaging

Clothes packaging industry

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The process of wrapping, compressing, packing, or forming containers for items with the intention of providing protection for them as well as facilitating their correct handling is known as garment packaging. This is the last step in the creation of clothes, and it helps get the completed product ready to be sent out to the consumer.

All kinds of clothes packaging

All kinds of clothes packaging
All kinds of clothes packaging

Sleeved mailer box

Two distinct kinds of material are used in the construction of sleeved mailer boxes. Cardstock, a lightweight paper material, is used to make the sleeves, which cover the exterior walls of the container. On the other hand, containers are often fabricated from corrugated cardboard.

Tissue paper

Packing tissue paper is a kind of paper that is of industrial quality, has high strength, and has a low gsm. It is used for a variety of purposes, including the packing of precious objects, the packaging of art works, the construction of kites, the filling of leather products, and different ornamental purposes after being dip-dyed in brilliant colours. Variants.


Throughout the whole of a product’s lifespan, the link between a garment and a store is maintained by the garment label. Consumers won’t link the pieces of clothes they wear with your brand throughout each wear if there aren’t any of those tiny sewn garment labels on the things displaying your logo.

Cardboard envelope

During the shipping and transit process, wholesale paper envelope packing for clothing provides an affordable packaging option that protects your items from harm caused by moisture as well as other types of damage caused to the outside. The paper used for packing garments is designed to be bendable and lightweight while also being robust and durable so that it can preserve its integrity.

 Poly mailer

Poly mailers are very resilient since they are made out of a moisture-resistant polyethylene film, which is a lightweight plastic. These bags will safeguard your items while they are in transit and ensure that they are delivered to each individual consumer in pristine shape, provided that the seals are tight enough.

Shipping box

Corrugated fiberboard is often used in the construction of shipping boxes. The box has flaps that, once folded, may be adhered together using either tape or glue. A corrugated box or cardboard box is another name for this kind of container.

Padded envelope

Envelopes with an additional protective layer on the inside are known as padded mailers, protective mailers, or bubble mailers. These terms are often used interchangeably.

Kraft tape

Kraft tape is an environmentally friendly, water-activated tape that adheres itself neatly to packing. It also incorporates fiberglass threads, which give an additional layer of security in addition to high tensile strength. When you use paper tape to close a box or package, the resulting connection is irreversible and long-lasting, much like an envelope.

Packaging tape

Packing tape is a type of pressure-sensitive tape that can be used in a wide variety of applications. It is most frequently used for sealing boxes and packages before they are sent out for delivery. Polypropylene or polyester backing is typically used for the most common widths, which range from two to three inches in width.

Paper cans

Paper cans are cylindrical containers made of paper that are used to store and package clothing articles such as t-shirts, socks, and pants. They are also known as paper canisters. These paper cans, which are often produced from recycled or eco-friendly materials, are an environmentally responsible choice for the packaging of clothing goods since they are constructed from recycled paper.

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Paper cans
Paper cans

Delivery box

A delivery box is a container used to move items from one area to another, often from a seller or retailer to a buyer or receiver. Delivery boxes may also be used to transfer food from one site to another. In the world of e-commerce and online shopping, delivery boxes are a standard packaging and transport option for getting goods to their final destinations.

Bio poly mailer

The material is impervious to water, resistant to the elements, biodegradable, and compostable in industrial settings. Pre-printed biology mailers are a perfect option for companies that want to lower their carbon footprint while also protecting their goods in a stylish manner but do not want to go through the effort and expense of designing the mailers themselves.

Pre-printed mailer box

The patterns that are used for pre-printed eco-mailer boxes are printed directly into the cardboard that the boxes are made of. The only colour in the print is black, and there is a discernible cardboard grain to it. On the other hand, pre-printed full-colour mailer boxes contain colours that are vivid and eye-catching. They may also be wrapped with foil, either matte or glossy, to give the impression of higher quality.

Pre-printed full color mailer box

The patterns that are used for pre-printed eco-mailer boxes are printed directly into the cardboard that the boxes are made of. The only colour in the print is black, and there is a discernible cardboard grain to it. On the other hand, pre-printed full-colour mailer boxes contain colours that are vivid and eye-catching. They may also be wrapped in foil, either matte or glossy, for a more upscale appearance and feel.

Expandable Kraft mailer

A paper envelope with a pre-printed sealing pattern that has expanding sides and a base

Printed paper bag

Paper bags that have been printed on one side are known as printed paper bags for clothing packaging. These paper bags may be used to package and store articles of clothing like shirts, trousers, and dresses. These bags are often constructed out of robust paper materials like Kraft paper or recycled paper. It lends to their durability and ensures that they survive for an extended period of time.

Special box

The wardrobe box, which is also known as a hanging garment carrier, has a door on one side. This entrance makes it simple to add or remove articles of clothing that are hanging on hangers. It also allows the box to keep its stiffness.

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Special box
Special box

Two pieces’ product box

A packing solution known as a two-piece rigid box. It is a container that made up of two distinct parts, namely a base and a cover.

Paper packaging

Print your company’s logo on high-quality tissue paper that is acid-free and have it individualized for use in the packaging of your luxury clothing. This will help your business stand out. White tissue paper, or you may customize the colour to anything you like, as well as the size to fit your needs.

Clear frosted plastic bag

One kind of bag known as a clear frosted plastic bag is one that is fabricated from a plastic material. It is transparent and has a frosted or matte texture on its outside surface. In the retail and packaging industries, these bags are often used for a variety of purposes. They use for transportation of goods and the presentation of gifts.

Black frosted zipper slider plastic bag

A form of plastic bag known as a black frosted zipper slider plastic bag for clothes packaging. It is a kind of plastic bag that is intended to be used for the purpose of storing and packing articles of clothing such as shirts, trousers, and dresses. These tote bags are constructed using a kind of polyethylene plastic that is resistant to ripping and is long-lasting.

Magnetic closure

A magnetic closure box is a specific kind of container that has a lid that can be firmly closed with the help of a powerful magnet. This kind of clasp is often seen on boxes that are intended to retain things that are very fragile or tiny. The magnet serves as a reliable fastener, which helps to maintain the box’s contents in pristine condition.

Biodegradable plastic bags

Plastics that are biodegradable are those that can be broken down into their component parts by living organisms such as fungi or bacteria. In contrast to oil-based plastics, which are sourced from petroleum, this kind of plastic is fabricated using plant-based resources such as maize, potato, and wheat starch as its starting point.

Clear PVC zipper lock bag

An inexpensive flexible rectangular storage bag that is usually transparent and made of polyethylene or a similar plastic, a zipper storage bag, slider storage bag, zipper bag, zip lock bag, or zippie, is a bag that can be sealed and opened multiple times by either a slider, which functions in a manner that is analogous to that of a zip fastener, or by pinching together the two sides of a mechanical sealing mechanism with one’s fingers. These bags come in a variety of names, including zipper storage bags.

PE shipping bag

PE, a long-lasting polyethylene of excellent grade, is the material used. [Postal Bags—Utilization in a Vast Assortment of Settings] Polyethylene plastic packing bags are convenient for use in both commercial and private settings, and they allow for the secure delivery of products and commodities to clients, members of the family, and friends.

Poly bag soft loop handle LDPE/HDPE

LDPE is more malleable and comfortable to work with than HDPE. In addition to that, its melting point is lower, at 115 degrees Celsius, and it is more translucent. It has a higher probability of cracking under stress as compared to HDPE. HDPE is more resistant to chemicals than other plastics, in addition to being more stiff and long-lasting.

Pull Ring zip lock bag frosted PVC EVA PE zipper bag

Ziploc bags are also known as grip seal bags, supagrip bags, resalable bags, plastic seal bags, and seal again bags. Other names for these types of bags are seal-again bags and resalable bags. Seal-again bags from Trans pack are not only an excellent choice for arranging a variety of things, but they are also very durable and can be used more than once, which makes them an environmentally responsible and cost-effective packing alternative.

Ribbon Handle Packaging Art Paper Bag

Paper bags with ribbon handles are another sort of luxury carrier bag that is used by firms that cater to a more upscale clientele. Due to the bags’ beauty and attractiveness, they are extremely popular in the market for weddings and gifts. The mesh ribbon that is located between the handles may be tied into a bow. It used to provide an additional sense of sophistication and splendor.

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Ribbon Handle Packaging Art Paper Bag
Ribbon Handle Packaging Art Paper Bag

plastic bag Degradable environmental protection materials

Plastic that has had additional chemicals—including heavy metals—added to it may be converted into degradable bags by adding these other chemicals, which cause the plastic to degrade and disintegrate over time when it is exposed to sunlight and heat.

Magnetic Closure Paper Gift Box

A magnetic closure box is a specific kind of container that has a lid that can be firmly closed with the help of a powerful magnet. This kind of clasp is often seen on boxes that are intended to retain things that are very fragile or tiny. The box’s contents are kept safe thanks to the magnet, which offers a tight seal on the container.

Flat Bottom Express Envelope Bag for Clothing Packaging

Flat-bottom bags have a wide variety of applications in the packaging industry, including the packaging of food, animal feeding, organic product packaging, and many other types of products and services. A rip notch that was laser scored for easy tearing and opening. The inventive replacement for a folding carton or corrugated box is a flat-bottom bag. It may be purchased in a variety of sizes.

Frosted Plastic Drawstring Gift Bag Eva Pvc Pe Frosted Plastic Drawstring Gift Bag

Cinch bags, also known as drawstring bags or gym sacks, are a simple and quick method to transport equipment to and from the gym. Other names for cinch bags are gym sacks. Because gym bags are less structured than backpacks, they are better able to fit bulkier items like kids’ trainers. This makes them more convenient for carrying these items.

Clothes packaging steps

Packing clothes: Iron clothes. Fold or iron them neatly.2. Choose packaging material: boxes, bags, or envelopes, depending on the clothing. Send clothes in sturdy packaging.3. Bubble wrap or tissue paper for fragile clothes4. Carefully pack the clothes. Protect clothing by plugging holes. Seal the package: tape, glue, or other closures prevent clothing from slipping out or being damaged during shipping or handling.6. Label the package with the recipient’s address, return address, delivery method, and tracking number.7. Safely store or mail the gift. Take the present to the carrier and follow their garment shipment requirements.

Clothes packaging steps
Clothes packaging steps

Received clothes from the finished subdivision

Hang tagging

A hang tag is just a little card that has a hole punched in the top corner so that it may be attached to an item or its container. It usually contains information on the product, such as the size and how to care for it, as well as additional information about your brand, such as an illustration of your logo or a brief description of your company’s purpose.

Folding amongst inserting dorsum board, tissue

After complete pressing, the clothes are folded in a predetermined area. Garments are folded according to the customer’s instructions and specifications in a standard area.

Poly Bagging

A transparent plastic bag made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE) that is used to preserve an item of clothing while it is being transported from the place where it was manufactured to distribution hubs, then to retail shops, and finally to the homes of customers who purchased the item online.


Following the process of packaging, the garments are next cartooned according to their size and colour. The following is a list of the most common forms of packing: Solid colour solid-size pack, Solid colour Various sizes assorted pack, Different hues and tones Packing of solid size, in a variety of colours Mixed-size assortment pack.

Applied adhesive record on the pack

Because our tape is made with an adhesive that is activated by water, after it has been applied to your package, it is able to swiftly form a secure connection. Once it has been adhered to your box, a single strip will establish a strong connection that will assist you in keeping your cargo safe.


Consequently, a barcode sticker would be placed on the carton once the packing is complete. The manufacturer makes the cargo available for inspection by a quality inspector. In this scenario, the container would also have a barcode. The universal product code, or UPC, is a barcode that relates to the product code of the garment brand.


Packing consummate

The act of packaging full garments, including shirts, trousers, dresses, and other articles of clothing, for the purposes of storing or transporting them is referred to as “packing complete clothes.” This may include folding or rolling the articles of clothing, putting them inside an appropriate packing container such as a box, bag, or can, and ensuring that the container is properly sealed after doing so.

Most used packaging type

Stand up pack: Shirt (90° angle)

As you stand, your collar should be folded over your torso and positioned at a 90-degree angle. The collar is folded with the body and placed at a 45-degree angle while in a semi-stand-up position. The collar is unfolded and placed in its entirety on the front of the garment in the flat-pack configuration. The shirt is packaged and shipped by hanging on the hanger while it is being packed in the hanger pack.

Flat pack: Sport wear/Shirt/Trouser

The collar is unfolded and placed in its entirety on the front of the garment in the flat-pack configuration. The shirt is packaged and shipped by hanging on the hanger while it is being packed in the hanger pack.

Hanger pack: Blazer, Coats, Pants

A clothes hanger, also known as a coat hanger, a coat hanger, or just a hanger. It is a device that is shaped like, or has the contour of, human shoulders. Its purpose is to minimize wrinkles in clothing by allowing the hanging of items such as coats, jackets, sweaters, shirts, blouses, and dresses. It often has a lower bar for hanging pants or skirts.

Semi stand up pack: Shirt

Shirts and other articles of apparel are often packaged using a packaging style called a semi-stand-up pack. This particular design is used rather frequently. The design of this packaging incorporates a flat base that enables the box to stand up vertically on its own, while the edges of the package are inclined to produce a tiny slope. This allows the item to be stored upright without any assistance.

Half fold pack: Pant

Pants and other articles of clothing are often packaged using a design. It knowns as a half-fold pack, which is a sort of packaging design. The trousers are folded in half lengthwise and then again widthwise for the purpose of this particular packing design. The resultant parcel is of rectangular form and is about fifty percent less in volume than the trousers themselves.

Important element you should consider in clothes packaging design

Important element you should consider in clothes packaging design
Important element you should consider in clothes packaging design

Identify the product

Product identification is a large area of labelling that encompasses many different information labels as well as purposes such as product traceability and trademark protection. Product identity labelling is very necessary in today’s constantly shifting commercial climate, where there is also a persistent risk of theft and the circulation of fake goods.

Enhance the appeal of the product

There are responsibilities for everything from contours and colours to orientations and textures. Even companies that market themselves as having modest or beautiful package designs create such designs in a way that makes them distinct from those of their competitors and noticeable due to the fact that they are subdued or elegant.

Attract the consumer to the package

The design of the packaging should communicate with the target audience in such a way that they are able to determine which product is included inside the container. It needs to speak to the appropriate audience. It should ensure that the first impression is carried through to the end. Therefore, the objective is to win over an increasing number of new clients.

Protect the product quality until the consumer uses the item

Product packaging protects its contents. The packaging must protect the goods throughout shipping and shelf storage. Product packaging must be trustworthy and sturdy. Many companies use seals and locks to prevent tampering and protect their products. Reliable and secure packing is the best way to fulfil consumer expectations that products will operate as claimed.

Clothes Packaging needs

The phrase “clothing packaging needs” refers to the special requirements that various articles of clothing have for their packaging. These criteria must be addressed in order to guarantee that the goods will be safeguarded while in transit or storage.

Clothes packaging needs
Clothes packaging needs

Plastic clip

Clear clips, also known as garment clips or shirt clips, are used for the purpose of bundling various types of materials. In the textile business, garment clips are often used to maintain the precise folding of clothing as well as samples of various textiles. Proceed to the Garment Clips page.

Paper board

Paperboard is an excellent material for use in the production of stationery, boxes, huge bins, and even juice cartons and cereal boxes, despite the fact that it is well suited for packing. There is a wide range of colour options available for purchasing paperboard in all of its forms, ranging from white and grey to brown.

Wooden Boxes and Crates

A box made of wood that serves the purpose of protecting goods while they are in transit as a rule, there is a gap between the boards, which, in comparison to the solid box, results in this solution having a lower overall cost.


The butterfly clothes packaging design is a style of packaging that is often used for the purpose of packing various articles of clothing, including dresses, blouses, and other apparel. The distinctive form of this container, which, when opened, takes on the appearance of a butterfly, is where this packaging design gets its name.

Plastic collar

What exactly are these “collar stays”? The underside of the collars of your dress shirts have sleeves that are designed to accommodate flat, stiff bits of metal (or plastic). These items are called collar stays. They do this by maintaining the smooth and flat shape of the collar. In addition, they provide weight and support, ensuring that your collar will remain precisely straight and crisp for a considerable amount of time.

Plastic collar
Plastic collar

Tag pin

Tag pins are a practical and cost-effective alternative to using hangtag guns or glue needle machines to affix tags to clothing, toys, and other textile products in order to raise the level of brand identification.

Ball head pin

Head pins are one of the jeweler findings. They use the most often and are considered to be the greatest friend of many jeweler makers. A headpin is just a piece of wire that has a “head” (stopper) at one end. This head prevents beads from falling off the end of the wire.

Poly bag

A reusable pack (often consisting of a plastic material such as PP, PET, or PVC) is used in these systems to transport a collection of clothing to a consumer (which would normally be delivered in polybags). The customer then returns the package via some channel, such as a post box, or by dropping it off at a store drop-off location.

Inner box

Inner packing. The product is cushioned and held in place by the inside packaging, which also serves to separate the product’s different components from one another and from the outside packaging.

Tissue paper

Scratches, grime, and dust may all be avoided with tissue paper. Jeweler and other exquisite products need specialized packing in order to maintain their pristine appearance over time. When fragile things are stored in a container that has been crammed full of crushed tissue paper, this helps protect them from being scratched. Even the smallest of brushstrokes might sometimes leave a mark on the result.


Garments are supplied to the customer in boxes. Garments in poly bags are maintained in a carton box as per the instructions of the customer. Loading containers with clothing is termed packing. Garments are loaded into boxes with a set proportion of size and colour. This percentage is termed assortment.

Scotch tape

Its use was enhanced with the development of Scotch brand cellulose tape, which made it possible to use the tape for purposes such as repairing items and sealing shipments. Over the course of its history, Scotch Tape has been put to use in a wide variety of commercial and domestic settings due to the extensive range of adhesive solutions it offers.

Tips to reduce shipping costs

Tips to reduce shipping cost
Tips to reduce shipping cost

Reduce the use of added cushioning

Athletes land with significant impact pressure, which may cause damage. Despite the possibility that footwear cushioning affects landing biomechanics, previous studies revealed inconsistent findings. Few studies have examined how footwear cushioning impacts tiredness. This study examined how footwear cushioning affects bipedal landing biomechanics before and after an acute exercise-induced fatigue protocol. This study found that footwear cushioning may reduce landing-related rear foot impact forces, regardless of weariness. Post-fatigue neuromuscular activity decreases, resulting in lower forefoot and rear foot impacts with cushioned shoes. Force distribution in the foot shows this.

Ship items together if possible

When packing garments for delivery, it is advisable to send things together whenever feasible to cut shipping costs and limit the environmental impact. Consolidating many items into a single shipment may also help guarantee that the clothing is wrapped carefully and securely.

Keep the weight of your packages in mind

When planning clothing packaging, making sure to take the whole package weight into account is an essential factor to take into account. The weight of the cargo may have an effect on not only the cost of shipping and transportation but also the ease with which the product can be handled.

Find the right sized box for your products

Taking the product’s length, breadth, and height measurements is a good place to start. The next step is to establish whether or not your product is delicate and easily broken. There will be no need for protective fillers to be used while producing goods such as coffee or apparel.

Role of Packaging in clothes Industry

Role of Packaging in clothes Industry
Role of Packaging in clothes Industry

Pleasant unboxing experience

The unpacking experience is when customers open a package, remove what’s inside, and sometimes video the occasion and post it on social media. This is a significant chance for you to differentiate yourself and expand your brand.

Easy to carry and lightweight

Make it such that it is usable in terms of dimensions, functionality, and the kinds of materials used. Be sure that it is long-lasting, simple to open, and convenient to carry. If the item is heavy, there should be handles or some other method that makes it easier for the customer to pick it up. If it’s a high-end item, customers will anticipate that the packaging will match that level of quality as well.

Promoting your brand through your packaging

Your brand’s identity may be communicated to consumers via its packaging. You have a lot of leeway in terms of the product, the material, the colour, the design, and the finishing. When it comes to your brand, the qualities that you choose to use in the construction of your package will speak for themselves.

Creating the feel-good factor

a characteristic of someone or something that, when people experience it, makes them feel joyful and optimistic about their life, a product, the economy, etc.: The “feel-good factor” is hard to come by when there are so many tasks in the queue.

Easy to open

If you’re strapped for time, you’re probably asking, “What is the most efficient way to pack clothes?” The correct response is wardrobe boxes. You are finished once you take your hanging goods, place them straight in a wardrobe box, and then you are good to go. Packing garments that are hung up may be done quickly and easily using this approach.  

Important element in clothes packaging:

Vacuum Packaging

The main package that is being sealed is deprived of ambient oxygen during the process of vacuum packaging, which is a kind of modified atmosphere packaging. Oxygen has been identified as the principal agent responsible for the majority of product deterioration. It is common knowledge that removing oxygen from a product will make it last longer.

Shipment Packaging

Shirts that are brand new should be placed in a plastic bag before being placed in a poly mailer. This kind of mailer is both secure and lightweight, making it an ideal option for packing small clothing items. It is recommended that you use a box if you are delivering numerous shirts of any kind. To prevent the shirts from sliding about within the box when it is being transported, make sure the box is not much bigger than the shirts.

Various folding techniques


When something is folded, it is creased or bent over in such a way that it covers a portion of itself. You should usually fold your clean linens and towels before putting them away in the closet, so there is less clutter. At the end of the day, some individuals throw their clothing all over the floor, while others fold theirs into tidy little bundles.


Lay each article of clothing you want to roll out flat before beginning to do so. Then, flip the bottom two inches of the garment inside out to create a pocket-like opening along one side of the article of clothing. Roll the object firmly, beginning at the end opposite the pocket you just made, until you reach the pocket.

On the Hanger

A clothing hanger, coat hanger, or coat hanger is a hanging device in the shape or contour of human shoulders meant to aid the hanging of a coat, jacket, sweater, shirt, blouse, or dress in a way that eliminates wrinkles, with a lower bar for the hanging of pants or skirts.

Tips to encourage your customer with clothes packaging

tips to encourage your customer with clothes packaging
tips to encourage your customer with clothes packaging

The design of the packaging should communicate with the target audience in such a way that they are able to determine which product is included inside the container. It needs to speak to the appropriate audience and should ensure that the first impression is carried through to the end. Therefore, the objective is to win over an increasing number of new clients.

Protective clothes packaging

The primary purpose of packaging is to provide a protective barrier between its contents and other elements of the surrounding environment. The purpose of the inward protective function is to guarantee that the packed items will keep all of their usefulness after being opened. The purpose of the packing is thus to safeguard the contents from being misplaced, damaged, or stolen.

Protection against tear

When it comes to the design of clothing packaging, protection against tearing is a key aspect to keep in mind. This is because clothing items are susceptible to being damaged by tears or rips when being transported or stored.

Protection against weather or moisture

Desiccants are an excellent choice for preserving the integrity of the contents of containers and packaging that are vulnerable to harm caused by moisture. These silica gels have a high absorption rate and are composed mostly of silica dioxide (SiO2).

Safety from losing form especially in case of stiff apparel like coats or blazers or footwear

Users of safety clothes are shielded from any potential threats to their health or safety while on the job, making them an essential item in the workplace. In certain circles, it is referred to as PPE, which stands for “personal protective equipment.” It reduces the risk of being hurt, becoming sick, or getting into legal trouble, and it makes the workplace a happier, healthier place for everyone.

M: Clothes packaging is a crucial step in the storage and transportation of garments, involving the selection of suitable packaging materials, the addition of protective materials, proper placement of clothes in the packaging, and secure sealing and labeling. The right packaging can help prevent damage, maintain cleanliness and protect the clothing during storage or shipping. This meta description highlights the importance of proper clothes packaging to ensure garments remain in good condition.

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