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Autodesk’s Latest Acquisition: PIX

Autodesk has successfully acquired the production management solution PIX from its former developer, X2X, without disclosing the financial specifics of the transaction. Their current objective involves integrating PIX with Flow, their specialized ‘industry cloud’ designed for media and entertainment.

A platform designed for production management and collaboration in the film and broadcast industry, PIX will now be acquired by Autodesk from X2X. Known as the go-to tool for securely sharing dailies and cuts, PIX functions as a production management and virtual collaboration platform.

By facilitating the uploading of digital assets to a shared space for review, PIX not only empowers filmmakers but also allows off-site creatives to impact the on-set crew’s work.

Enhancing Flow’s capabilities on set, Autodesk focuses on integrating PIX with Flow, its recently launched cloud-based platform designed to streamline connections between people, workflows, and data throughout the production cycle.


Autodesk emphasizes that a significant portion of crucial data generated by customers originates on set; however, due to the historical disconnect between on-set operations and post-production, this data often fails to reach its intended recipients, resulting in notable inefficiencies.

With the addition of PIX to Autodesk’s portfolio, the sharing of on-set data with studio executives and production teams will be simplified, bridging previously fragmented workflows. By linking PIX’s production management tool with Flow, Autodesk tries to facilitate a smoother data flow to all stakeholders.

This move follows Autodesk‘s earlier announcement of plans to integrate Moxion, a digital dailies platform acquired in 2022, into Flow.