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Ziploc's new packaging

Ziploc’s Latest Breakthrough: ‘Stay Open Design’ Bags for Spill-Free Storage

While freezing leftovers is a popular method to maximize your budget, the actual process often proves more difficult than anticipated. Pouring soup or sauce into food storage bags can be messy and cause spills. However, there are some tips that can help you freeze your leftovers properly and avoid wasting food. 

Ziploc has introduced a new feature to its freezer and sandwich bags that makes them less messy to use. The Stay Open Design allows the bags to remain open when needed, making it easier to pour or fill them without spilling.

The patented stand-up bottom makes the bags easier to fill, and they can stand side by side in freezers.

New design for mess-free food storage

With its fresh and innovative design, the newly introduced style features a cuffed opening that offers a convenient solution. By folding it down, additional space is created at the mouth, allowing for easier filling. This clever design enhancement ensures a seamless and practical experience when using the product.

Adding to the list of features is the inclusion of a cross-hatched, stand-up design on the base. This clever addition ensures that the bag remains securely in place while you pour your hearty stew into it. Say goodbye to spills and mishaps, as this innovative design guarantees a mess-free experience.

Freshness, security, and convenience combined in a package

In response to numerous requests from users for a more secure solution and in light of various kitchen hacks aimed at enhancing the usability of sandwich bags, Ziploc made the decision to revamp its design. 

The zip-top bags from Ziploc still feature the company’s renowned ‘Grip n’ Seal’ technology, ensuring the preservation of freshness and protecting against dreaded freezer burns. Moreover, these bags are not only microwave-safe but also free from BPA, providing an added layer of convenience and safety for your food storage needs.