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Infiniti logo
Infiniti logo

Infiniti Introduces New 3-D Logo

Infiniti‘s announcement of a refreshed logo and badge alongside a new retail experience marks a significant moment for the luxury automaker.

The company’s new logo features an infinite road that fades across the horizon, representing the brand’s commitment to a never-ending journey of innovation and progress.

The updated emblem further emphasizes this intent by narrowing the outline of the road and putting greater focus on the horizon. The changes to the logo are relatively minor, and it’s the fourth iteration since the company’s inception in 1989.

However, it’s a crucial move for Infiniti as it seeks to modernize its branding and appeal to a new generation of luxury car buyers. The automaker has also increased the spacing of the word mark below the emblem, which visually accentuates the horizon.

New retail spaces inspired by Japanese design

The company’s refreshed retail experience features striking architecture inspired by Japanese design philosophies. Infiniti’s new retail spaces have a unique ambiance that evokes a sense of luxury and exclusivity.

The new spaces will open starting this month, with locations in downtown Los Angeles; Georgetown, Texas; Monterrey, Mexico; and Doha, Qatar among the first to showcase the new retail design.

Infiniti has also created a unique scent infused with Japanese cypress, cedar, and citrus wood, designed to evoke the smell of a forest.

Visitors to special brand events or retail showrooms might experience the company’s new scent, which adds to the overall sensory experience of the brand.

A unique sound logo to enhance brand experience

Additionally, Infiniti has created a unique sound logo that combines the sound of a taiko drum, a Japanese wind chime, and the human voice.

This sound scape will be used in commercials, promotional materials, company videos, and as optional hold music at retailers.

Infiniti’s new branding is part of the company’s plan to reaffirm its commitment to physical retail spaces in a world where online sales are becoming increasingly popular.

New branding: a positive step forward

Infiniti will need more than just a new logo and retail experience to reverse its sales decline. In 2022, sales were down just over 20% to over 46,000 units, which is less than a third of the number of cars the company sold in 2017.

Nonetheless, Infiniti’s new branding is a positive step forward for the company, and it will be interesting to see how it evolves in the coming years.