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Penguin Design Magic: Unveiling the Top Covers of 2024

Penguin Design Books, a storytelling giant for over 90 years, knows the power of a great cover. It grabs your eye, fires up your imagination, and sums up the whole story. That’s why they started the Cover Design Award (once called the Student Design Award) way back in [Year].

This year, tons of artists entered, taking a crack at redesigning some amazing books:

  • City of Stolen Magic by Nazneen Ahmed Pathak: This magical adventure whisks readers away to a land of vibrant cultures, a touch of history, and, of course, magic! The cover needs to show off the main character Chompa’s wild journey.
  • Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid: Dive into the crazy world of 1970s rock and roll with this story of a legendary band’s rise and fall. The best cover will capture the energy of that time and show how awesome the band was.
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear: This worldwide hit explains the science of habits, showing how tiny changes can make a big difference. The winning cover should visually represent this idea of building good habits for a better life.

Picking the winners was no easy feat for the judges, a group of Penguin top design art and managing directors along with some famous design and publishing folks. They looked closely at each design for its originality, how eye-catching it was, and how well it fit the book’s themes and type (like fiction or non-fiction).

After much thought, the award winners were announced, each showing amazing creativity and a deep understanding of the books:

Adult Fiction: Rocking the Retro Vibes

Cadi Rhind took first place with her awesome design for Daisy Jones and the Six. Inspired by her lifelong love of 1970s California music, Rhind’s design blends old-school cool with a modern twist. The font looks like classic rock album art, perfectly capturing the book’s electrifying spirit.

Children’s Fiction: A Magic and Adventure Tapestry

Charlotte Jennings’ design for City of Stolen Magic won her the top spot. Her artwork uses bright colors, hints of magic, and sneaky nods to history to create a visually stunning picture that young readers will love.

Adult Non-Fiction: A Collage of Habits Building a Better You

The judges were impressed by George Griffiths’ unique design for Atomic Habits. His handmade cover, made from carefully put-together pieces of paper, cardboard, and other things, visually shows the book’s main idea. Each piece helps form the title, “Atomic Habits,” just like how good habits add up to create big changes.