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2024 and Beyond: Croatia Airlines Embraces a New Era of Flight

Get ready for takeoff! Croatia Airlines is embarking on a new era with a refreshed visual identity and a fleet upgrade. This makeover prioritizes the passenger experience, reflects modern travel trends, and aligns with the airline’s future vision.

Designed by Ivana Ivanković, the new look simplifies and modernizes the existing brand while preserving Croatia Airlines’ core values: quality, safety, reliability, comfort, and hospitality. Also the iconic logo gets a bolder look with a darker shade, seamlessly integrating with the signature aircraft tail design.

Modern Design Rooted in Croatian Pride

This dynamic logo embodies Croatian national identity. Updated aircraft livery and revised colors further strengthen this connection, boosting global recognition. New cabin crew uniforms, coming soon, will also showcase the fresh visual identity.,

Enhanced Visibility for a Leading Airline

This redesign marks a new chapter for Croatia Airlines, Croatia’s leading carrier. It promises increased domestic and international visibility, solidifying the airline’s role as a key player in tourism and the Croatian economy.

Connecting with Passengers and Heritage

The new visual identity creates a simpler and more impactful connection with passengers. It strengthens the link between Croatia’s national identity, heritage, and natural beauty with the convenience and security offered by Croatia Airlines.Sustainable Implementation

The rollout of the new visual identity will be gradual, focusing on sustainability and cost-efficiency. New aircraft arriving over the next three years will receive the fresh design. Existing promotional materials and sales points will be updated strategically as needed. This approach lets passengers and stakeholders experience the transition while Croatia Airlines builds a brighter future.