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Packaging Cartons
Packaging Cartons

Packaging Cartons; In details

As you know, cartons are one of the most important tools for various industries and businesses. With time and the advancement of technology, different cartons have been made available to people and companies for other purposes.

To pay attention to and preserve the environment, many businesses have chosen paper packaging for their consumers. However, still different types of packaging cartons are prioritized by various companies.

Some types of packaging cartons have been welcomed by businesses and consumers more than other models; For example, folding cartons have been among the most popular cartons throughout history, and because of their reasonable price, they are a suitable alternative to plastic packaging. You must have come across folding cartons; The packaging cartons of your beans or breakfast cereals are also of this type.

Folding cartons, paperboard boxes, and paperboard cartons are all synonymous with packaging cartons. When you see carton packaging design, you probably first think about its charms and fun topics.

Businesses need help with many questions in creating packaging cartons suitable for their organization or brand. Companies initially need to figure out which colors to use and which part of the cardboard packaging to put their brand logo on.

Also, the selection of suitable raw materials, the thickness of the cardboard and the related cost are among the essential things that should be considered in manufacturing packaging cartons.

Businesses go to cardboard packaging due to the affordable price, attention to the environment, diversity in Packaging cartons and high shelf life. Indeed, when you enter a store, the first thing that comes to your eyes is the variety of packaging boxes; the way they are designed and placed can attract your attention.

If you own a traditional store or manage a modern business, in both cases, you need Packaging cartons for your packaging. We can tell you that packaging cartons are also practical in your branding, so you should choose them more carefully.

What are the types of packaging cartons?

In general, we divide cardboard packaging into the following two categories:

  • Rigid Cartons
  • Folding Cartons
The types of packaging
The types of packaging

Rigid cartons

Rigid Cartons are among the most used items in industries with sensitive products. Also, Rigid Cartons are used to pack products with heavy weight and require high-strength of Cartons. Rigid Cartons consist of two parts, top and bottom, and are considered for products with high value and importance.

For example, laptop and smartphone boxes are considered of this type. This packaging carton will also be used to move heavy clothes and shoes.

Folding cartons

Another of the most common types of cardboard packaging is Folding Cartons, which, as mentioned above, are very practical and common. You see Folding Cartons in products such as breakfast cereal or cereal packaging.

Folding Cartons consists of single-handed cardboard that is bent in the required sections. They also have unique designs and colors to attract audiences and customers. You can consider different designs and colors for this type of packaging by using embossing, lamination and foil.

Due to the material of this type of packaging box, your hand is more open in shaping and coloring than other models. Folding Cartons are also reasonably priced.

Types of Rigid Cartons and Folding Cartons

Folding Cartons and Rigid Cartons are offered in different types and forms; In this article, we have discussed their various shapes and styles so that you can get the correct information. You can find their classes in the following categories:

  • Corrugated boxes
  • Boxboard/Paperboard cartons
  • Aseptic Cartons
  • Five Panel Wraps
  • Braille Cartons
  • Slotted Cartons
  • Gable top
  • Waxed paperboard beverage carton
  • Egg carton

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Rigid Cartons and Folding Cartons
Rigid Cartons and Folding Cartons

Corrugated boxes

Indeed, as a seller or business owner, you value your products a lot and want them to be protected during transportation. One of the most used packaging cartons is corrugated boxes, which protect your valuable products due to their strength and layering.

It is interesting to know that in this type of suitable packaging, three corrugated layers, including an inner lining, an outer lining and a middle layer between the two, are entirely fluted and will protect your products correctly.

Corrugated boxes have an elastic material that is very light in weight and are a suitable option for people who move many products together. Even when the products in this type of packaging are exposed to high or low temperatures, shocks and moisture, they will remain healthy and intact.

While we cannot provide a complete guarantee for any packaging, this type of packaging gives you peace of mind about packing, moving and finally reaching your destination.

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corrugated boxes
corrugated boxes

Boxboard/Paperboard cartons

Boxboard/Paperboard cartons are made of thick materials based on paper and have many advantages for various industries. The layered nature of these packages increases their strength against impact and movement, and it has become attractive packaging carton.

The use of cardboard in this type of packaging should increase their resistance to water and impact. Also, due to their gender, it is possible to paint, color, print, and design a logo and brand name on them. You are probably familiar with this type of packaging cartons in supermarkets.

Due to the resistance of these types of packaging against water penetration, they are also used in the packaging of cosmetics, electrical and sensitive appliances, and stationery.

Aseptic Cartons

Aseptic Cartons are essential and sensitive packages for the pharmaceutical and food industries. In fact, in these methods, the packaging is sterilized before entering the food or medicine. Then the food or medicine is sterilized and usually placed in aseptic cartons at a high temperature.

In this method, a very high temperature is used to preserve the freshness of the ingredients in the package; Also, this method is used not to contaminate the materials in the packaging with microorganisms.

This packaging is considered for food products such as milk, tomatoes, puddings, soups and similar materials. Also, as we have mentioned above, this packaging is used in the pharmaceutical industry to prevent drugs from being contaminated with harmful bacteria.

The unique feature of Aseptic Cartons is that they resist high temperatures and will not cause corrosion when they contain acidic items for a long time. Polyethene in the inner and outer parts of the package prevent moisture from penetrating inside and from preventing material from being transferred from the inside of the box to the outside. Film foil also helps to keep oxygen and light away from sensitive food and pharmaceutical products.

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Aseptic Cartons
Aseptic Cartons

Five Panel Wraps

Five Panel Wraps are used in flat and stretched packaging and are considered for sensitive products. For example, Five Panel Wraps are considered for packing tennis rackets, golf clubs or hockey sticks.

This name knows this high-quality and practical packaging because it is 5-sided. They are also considered suitable for packaging very narrow products and require one or more fragile panels. This packaging type requires glueing the top and bottom parts like a traditional packaging carton.

To seal these packages, you need to glue the fifth panel. Due to the type and style presented in this packaging, these cartons are also known as smarty boxes used in specific and sensitive industries.

Five Panel Wraps
Five Panel Wraps

Braille Cartons

Braille Cartons are specifically used in the pharmaceutical industry. These packages with raised letters are intended for blind people and are widely used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. It is estimated that the Braille Cartons packaging market will grow by 2023. Around the world, governments are looking for packaging that specifically enters the medical industry and can meet the needs of blind people. Braille Cartons are designed using specific Braille labelling techniques, including digital printing, lamination, integrated Braille and adhesive labels. Businesses constantly focus on enhancing Braille Carton’s manufacturing techniques for better product safety. These packages are considered unique and sensitive products and are an excellent alternative to rigid plastics. The leading knowledge in designing and producing all kinds of Packaging cartons has prioritized consumer needs and market demand in the production of packaging, which has caused the growth and development of the Packaging cartons industry.

Slotted Cartons

When it comes to Packaging cartons, Slotted Cartons are one of the critical and sensitive industry standards. Slotted Cartons are intended for transporting or storing products. Regular Slotted Carton (RSC) is a single piece with glue, tape or staples that is a cost-effective choice for you. The edges of the packaging meet where the boxes are closed. Another type of the same box packaging is known as Half Slotted Carton (HRSC), which is like the previous example but without open flaps. This type of packaging is very suitable for displaying products. This type of packaging carton is used in candy stores to display products. This packaging will be considered a display solution for consumer products such as sweets and POP displays.

Slotted Cartons
Slotted Cartons

Gable top

Gable top is one of the most widely used packaging cartons used for packaging products such as juice, milk and liquid products in general. In these products, a polyethene coating is used to prevent the entry and exit of liquid or moisture. In most of these packaging types, the door opens by pressing the carton’s upper part, and you can use the product. This type of packaging is used for unique liquid products that require more care. The following materials are among the products that are packed in Gable top:

  • Granola
  • Candy and sweets
  • Pre-made dough
  • Pasta
  • Milk
  • Water
  • egg white
  • Beverages such as iced coffee
  • Cooked mix that is prepared in advance
  • Dried foods
  • Semi-solid foods such as coleslaw and potatoes
  • Cereals
Gable top
Gable top

Gable tops are environmentally friendly and made from renewable and recyclable materials. Due to the gable top shape, they are easily packed on shelves. Due to the fabric of the Gable top, it is easy to print logos, designs, colors and brand names on them, and this issue can be effective in branding your business.

Waxed paperboard beverage carton

To make waxed paperboard beverage cartons, cubic waxed paperboards are used. This type of packaging will be formed quickly, and its cover material is polyethene. The essential parts of the packaging will be sealed very tightly, and for drinking the drinks in them, there is a thin part where you can insert straws into it. The material of this type of packaging is resistant to the entry and exit of liquid and moisture and is designed for storage in the refrigerator and even freezing. It is possible that when you scratch a box with your fingernail, you will see areas of wax, or it will look like it has been waxed.

Egg carton

Even if you are unfamiliar with other packaging, you must know the Egg carton. The egg carton is one of the packaging cartons designed to protect eggs during transportation. As you know, in this type of packaging, protective parts prevent the eggs from touching each other. Egg cartons are usually made of cardboard or foam, but it has been seen that plastic is also used in some of them. The type of egg packaging depends on the manufacturing company, and this type of packaging will not affect the taste or style of eggs. Generally, an Egg carton contains several eggs and sometimes there is a space between their rows so that you can easily remove them. This type of packaging is made from recycled paper or newspaper. It is interesting to know that plastic cartons are slightly different from paper or foam cartons but have similar characteristics. Egg cartons are also made of expanded polystyrene and PET.

Egg carton
Egg carton


As you know, designing and presenting attractive, resistant and functional packaging is very effective in the growth of your business. Packaging cartons is one of the influential factors on your branding that you can take the necessary actions on it quickly and at an affordable price.

You can provide your customers with the best transportation, handling or storage services by choosing the proper Packaging cartons. You can also consider a suitable design, logo, brand and color for the packaging of your products so that the audience will remember your business and the products offered by your organization when they see them.

Various packages are creative and suitable packaging solutions for multiple industries, including cosmetics, food, pharmaceutical, and many others. Many types of packaging are used in different industries, so it is better to get the necessary and appropriate information to choose the proper Packaging cartons.

Ensure you refrain from insisting on the beauty or coloring of the packaging cartons. Still, it is better to consider the best option for your products by viewing the packaging cartons’ construction, durability and resistance.

You can feel the best choice for packaging your products by considering the products, the sensitivity of their transportation, the type of carton opening, the importance of the products being sterilized or not, and things like that.

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