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Microsoft's Copilot Debuts on Telegram

Microsoft’s Copilot Debuts on Telegram

Microsoft’s Copilot, an AI tool powered by generative technology that can produce text and respond to specific queries, is now accessible as an in-app chatbot on Telegram.

Presently in its beta phase, Copilot for Telegram enables users to engage with the chatbot as if engaging in a standard one-on-one conversation with an acquaintance. It is proficient in addressing a diverse array of inquiries, ranging from general knowledge quests like “Which movie should I watch?” to specific questions such as “What baseball game is presently airing?”

Microsoft's Copilot
Microsoft’s Copilot Debuts on Telegram

To interact with the bot, users can simply search for its username, @CopilotOfficialBot. The service is complimentary for Telegram users and can be utilized on both mobile devices and desktop platforms. One requirement to access the service is the provision of a phone number.

Microsoft’s Copilot Expansion: A Look at AI Chatbot Integration in Tech

Microsoft has integrated Copilot into various offerings including Microsoft 365 and Teams and specialized AI-centric hardware like Copilot+ PCs. The extension of Copilot to third-party platforms such as Telegram is noteworthy and hints at Microsoft’s desire for its AI chatbot to encompass multiple social applications.

Other tech entities implementing AI chatbots into their messaging services include Meta, which recently announced trials of Meta AI on platforms such as Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. Google’s Gemini provides a comparable offering to Copilot, enabling users to utilize generative AI features within Google Messages on Android devices. Moreover, Snapchat utilizes ChatGPT to empower its AI chatbot to respond to user-generated Snaps.