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Marvelous Designer 2024.0: Supercharge Your Digital Clothing Workflow

Major update brings soft body simulation, streamlined workflows, and a live link to Unreal Engine

Exciting news for fashion designers and 3D artists! CLO Virtual Fashion has released Marvelous Designer 2024.0, a significant update to their industry-leading digital clothing design software. This update introduces powerful new features designed to enhance realism, streamline workflows, and improve integration with popular game engines.

Marvelous Designer

Key features of Marvelous Designer 2024.0:

  • Soft Body Simulation for Realistic Clothing Drape: For the first time, Marvelous Designer offers soft body simulation, improving the realism of how clothing interacts with the body. This is especially useful for achieving natural-looking wrinkles and folds.
  • Effortless Character Integration and Optimization: Importing characters from other 3D software is now easier than ever. Marvelous Designer can automatically convert them to its native avatar format, ensuring a perfect fit for your garments. Additionally, the new EveryWear system automates garment fitting, rigging, baking textures, and creating LODs (Levels of Detail) for optimal performance in games and real-time applications.
  • Live Link to Unreal Engine: Say goodbye to tedious data exports! Marvelous Designer LiveSync establishes a real-time connection with Unreal Engine. This allows you to see changes made to your garments within Marvelous Designer reflected instantly inside Unreal Engine, perfect for iterative design and visualization.
Marvelous Designer

Other noteworthy improvements:

  • Enhanced Workflow: A new Puckering system automatically generates realistic wrinkles along seams and other designated areas. Streamlined tools for garment creation, topology adjustment, prop collision setup, and USD/Alembic export further enhance the design process.
  • Animation Recording: Export high-resolution (up to 1080p) animations directly from the Marvelous Designer viewport, ideal for showcasing your creations in motion.


Marvelous Designer 2024.0 is available for rent on Windows 10+ and macOS 12.0+ machines. Subscription plans cater to both individual and enterprise users.

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