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JLR: Jaguar Land Rover Unveils New Corporate Identity and Strategy

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), the renowned luxury automaker from the UK, has boldly introduced its new corporate identity. On June 1, the automotive giant officially rebranded itself as JLR.

This change signifies a significant shift in the company‘s vision, as JLR now houses two distinct brands, Jaguar and Land Rover, each with its own unique identity, all under one roof.

Vehicle’s revolutionary transformation

In mid-April, JLR embarked on a transformative journey with the launch of their “Reimagine” strategy. This ambitious plan, with an investment of $18.6 billion, aims to revolutionize the company’s manufacturing capabilities. It also pave the way for a complete electrification of their vehicles.

JLR is committed to making rapid progress and views the redesign of their logo as just the beginning of their revolutionary transformation. Jaguar and Range Rover are set to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry with their ambitious new strategy.

In 2025, the Range Rover EV will be the first to debut, built on the next-generation ELR platform specifically designed for electric SUVs. And, Jaguar will follow suit by introducing three new EVs powered by the new JEA platform. Among them will be a four-door GT rumored to be the most powerful production Jaguar ever made.

Currently, the focus is on establishing the brand identity of Land Rover. A visit to the Land Rover USA website showcases the iconic Land Rover logo prominently displayed at the bottom of the main page, well-defined brand categories such as Defender, Discovery, and Range Rover.

While JLR is modernizing its approach, they are not abandoning the 75 years of brand equity that Land Rover has built. The SUVs will proudly continue to bear the Land Rover badges, as the name remains a symbol of heritage for the company. JLR envisions creating a “House of Brands” that encompasses the various facets of British luxury motoring.