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Coca-Cola Releases Animated Ad Celebrating Ramadan

Coca-Cola, in collaboration with creative agency AKQA, has released a new animated ad titled “Ramadan is Coming” to mark the holy month. Directed by Tim Fox, the ad goes beyond cultural barriers to celebrate the spirit of togetherness and joy associated with Ramadan.

This visually captivating animation focuses on capturing the essence of Ramadan through heartwarming moments of connection, unity, and celebration. The story begins with a convoy of iconic Coca-Cola trucks embarking on a journey. It is symbolizing the start of Iftar, the evening meal that breaks the daily Ramadan fast. These trucks eventually become the focal point for a beautiful community dinner.

As families and individuals gather to enjoy the meal and a refreshing Coca-Cola, the narrative unfolds, showcasing a diverse cross-section of society coming together to celebrate Ramadan. Viewers witness heartwarming family reunions, unexpected friendships forming, and the spirit of community exemplified as people make room for one another at the table.

“We wanted the animation to feel vibrant, full of life and really capture the feeling of celebration.” said Chris Welsby, Animation Supervisor at The Mill. “The aim was to have a collection of more intimate moments between characters that when combined together created a world full of life.”

The “Ramadan is Coming” campaign launched on March 10, 2024, and is part of a digital and integrated media strategy.