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Apple logo for WWDC 2023
Apple logo for WWDC 2023

Apple’s Formless Logo Teases Excitement for WWDC 2023

Apple has once again captivated fans with its unique approach to event invites, teasing the highly anticipated WWDC 2023. Known for its interactive Easter eggs that offer hints about upcoming products and services, Apple has once again left its mark.

There are only a few days remained until WWDC 2023. And, it seems that Apple has all but confirmed what fans have been awaiting: the unveiling of its mixed-reality headset.

The Apple logo, usually depicted in a solid, metallic structure, has taken on a different form for this WWDC 2023. It now appears shapeless, as if it exists between different realities.

The abstract Easter egg presents the Apple logo as a chromatic bubble that constantly morphs and changes. You can visit the Apple Events page on your iPhone and select ‘View invite in AR,’ to witness the logo shifting and transforming in your own space.

If you zoom in using your fingers, the event date is June 5, 2023. This augmented-reality invitation may be one of Apple’s most visually stunning. And, one of the Twitter users even described it as “pure visual and audio poetry”.

“Code new world”; a mixed reality technology

The tagline for the keynote, “Code new worlds,” seems to strongly suggest the incorporation of mixed-reality technology. Mounting rumors point to the debut of an AR/VR headset, rumored to be called ‘Reality Pro,’ running on a new operating system ‘xrOS.’

These speculations have gained credibility through recent trademark filings by a shell company. According to reports, the headset has triple display system consisting of two micro OLED 4K screens and an AMOLED panel for peripheral vision with lower resolution.

With WWDC 2023 just around the corner, Apple’s formless logo and the hints it provides have generated significant excitement among tech enthusiasts and Apple fans alike.

The event promises to bring forth new experiences. Plus, it immerses users in a world where realities merge and possibilities expand.

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