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Substance 3D Connector

Adobe Opens Up Workflows: New Substance 3D Connector

Adobe has launched an open-source toolkit called Substance 3D Connector. This framework allows developers to create plugins that seamlessly transfer files between Adobe’s Substance 3D apps (like Painter and Designer) and popular CG software (like Blender, Maya, and Unreal Engine).

Imagine this as a bridge between different 3D programs. With Substance 3D Connector, developers can build tools that streamline workflows for tasks in game development, visual effects, and architectural visualization. While the initial release doesn’t support live syncing, Adobe plans to add that functionality in the future.

Substance 3D Streamlines Workflows with New Open-Source Connector

Adobe’s Substance 3D suite gets a major workflow boost with the release of the Substance 3D Connector. This system adds “Send To” for DCC software, simplifying workflows.

Previously announced, the Connector system streamlines the workflow by eliminating the need to export and re-import files. This open-source framework empowers third-party developers to create plugins that extend this functionality to popular DCC tools beyond the initial offerings.

Connector promises seamless transfer to popular DCCs & game engines. While real-time syncing isn’t available in the initial release, Adobe has expressed plans to add this feature in the future.

Streamlined Workflows Now, Live Sync on the Horizon

Substance 3D Connector prioritizes streamlined workflows in its initial release. The framework intelligently identifies compatible software for data transfer and coordinates the exchange, eliminating the need for manual exporting and importing.

Looking ahead, future updates will introduce a Live Connection system, enabling real-time synchronization between applications. Support for presets is also on the roadmap, with Adobe emphasizing that development will be heavily influenced by user feedback.

This release marks Adobe’s second major open-source contribution in two months, following the release of their internal USD conversion plugins in March.

Availability and Compatibility of Substance 3D

Substance 3D Connector is available as open-source under the Apache 2.0 license. Currently, developers can build it on Linux or macOS.