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Adidas' Classic Sneakers

Adidas Makes A Splash With Cheerful ‘Paint-Dipped’ Classic Sneakers

Adidas Originals is taking a colorful plunge into the world of artistry with a delightful twist on its timeless Campus 80 sneakers, in collaboration with the versatile Los Angeles artist, Cali DeWitt.

This latest release, known as the Campus 80s Cali DeWitt Originals, marks the second creative venture between Adidas and DeWitt. In this artistic rendition, the beloved sneaker appears as though it has been dipped ankle-deep in paint, resulting in a striking visual effect.

Unveiling new design: illusionary textures and captivating colors 

The illusion is masterfully achieved through the interplay of textures, as the sneaker’s suede material contrasts with the glossy TPU film that envelops it.

These captivating kicks are offered in three alluring color options. ‘Collegiate Navy’ is submerged in a refreshing light green hue, ‘Collegiate Burgundy’ gracefully dances with shades of light pink, and ‘Gray’ appears to be dipped in pristine white “paint.”

In a nod to Cali DeWitt’s distinctive style, the shoe’s heel features a Gothic interpretation of the Adidas wordmark, while his signature adorns the tongue and insole.

Adidas’ wearable murals for self-expression

While embracing the vibrant world of street art, this unique style manages to infuse “creativity into every step,” as aptly described by Adidas. To further empower wearers’ creativity, each pair comes with a Gothic font stencil, allowing individuals to imprint their own personality onto their “walkable murals.” Additionally, the set includes interchangeable laces in white, red, and black.

These painterly sneakers will be available for purchase on the Adidas website starting September 28, with a retail price of $128.