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Paws and the Planet: How Earth Rated’s Sustainable Toys Combine Fun with Function

Earth Rated is taking a refreshing stand in the ever-crowded world of pet products, where shelves overflow with options of questionable quality and loud design. Born in 2010 with a mission to simplify life with dogs, Earth Rated is getting a sustainable makeover! Benjamin Hubert, founder of design agency Layer, says, “Today the dog accessories and toy market is a crowded space – there are a lot of products available of mixed quality and usually overly or loudly designed. We’ve focused on crafting products that achieve a better standard, both more beautiful but more useful and ergonomically beneficial for both pet and person!”

Layer is leading the charge in Earth Rated’s transformation, revamping its branding with a focus on eco-friendly practices. This means sleek packaging with minimal design, durable dog toys built from natural rubber a win for pups who enjoy long-lasting play and the planet that benefits from reduced waste. Gone are the days of cluttered pet stores filled with low-quality, overly designed-options. Layer’s playful yet sophisticated identity for Earth Rated prioritizes functionality and beauty for dogs and humans, with ergonomic designs that make playtime enjoyable. But the eco-friendly updates don’t stop there! Earth Rated’s new poop bags, made from 65% post-consumer recycled plastic, will divert millions of pounds of waste from landfills each year. It’s a win-win for pet parents, their furry companions, and the planet!

Eco-Friendly Dog Toys Products
Earth Rated x Layer Branding

In a fresh update that wags its tail for both pups and the planet, Earth Rated is undergoing a sustainable makeover! Their new look, spearheaded by design agency Layer, reflects their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Branding with Bite

Gone are the days of cluttered pet store shelves. Earth Rated’s revamped brand identity is a breath of fresh air. Bold pops of yellow, a color readily visible to dogs, add vibrancy to the playful design. Fresh greens and contemporary secondary shades create a youthful and uplifting aesthetic. Look closely at the minimalist sans-serif logo – a clever dog silhouette with a wagging tail cleverly integrated into the negative spaces of the letters “T” and “H.” It’s a subtle detail that speaks volumes about Earth Rated’s playful spirit.

Eco-Friendly Dog Toys Product Packaging
Earth Rated x Layer Branding

Sustainable Poop Solutions

Earth Rated has always been a leader in innovation, starting with its flagship poop bags made from polybutylene adipate terephthalate (PBAT). This biodegradable fossil plastic breaks down in industrial composters in as little as 45 days (assuming pet waste is accepted). Now, they’re taking things a step further. Partnering with Layer, they’ve developed a new, even more sustainable product. These next-generation poop bags are made predominantly from recycled plastic waste, significantly reducing reliance on virgin materials and minimizing their environmental footprint.

It’s a win-win for everyone! Pet parents can enjoy beautiful, functional products that make dog ownership easier, pups get durable toys for endless playtime, and Earth Rated’s commitment to sustainability benefits the planet.

Beyond the Bags: Sustainability from Start to Finish

Earth Rated’s commitment to sustainability goes beyond just the materials used in the poop bags themselves. As Benjamin Hubert, founder of the design agency Layer, explains, “The new material choice is more sustainable over the lifecycle of the bags. They use less energy and rely less on fossil fuels because they’re not creating plastic from scratch!” This means a smaller environmental footprint throughout the bag’s production and use.

Sustainable Product Sample
Earth Rated x Layer Branding

Designed for Disassembly and Recycling

Thinking ahead to the product’s end-of-life cycle, Earth Rated has implemented a clever design for the refillable dispenser. It comes with a detachable silicone strap that eliminates the need for environmentally unfriendly elements like glue, over-molding, screws, or permanent fixtures. Hubert elaborates, “The strap is made from silicone, but it’s secured in a way that uses no glues or permanent fixtures – both types of plastic are extremely easy to both assemble in production and separate at end of life!” This innovative design allows for easy disassembly and recycling of both the bag and the strap, minimizing waste.

Sustainable Play for Pups

Earth Rated’s dedication to eco-friendly materials extends beyond poop bags. Their commitment to responsible pet fun is evident in the dog toys themselves. “A similar philosophy was applied to the five dog toys,” Hubert explains. Five out of the six toys are crafted from PEFC-certified natural rubber sourced from Vietnam, ensuring responsible harvesting practices. The lone exception is the frisbee, which is made from a recyclable thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). This thoughtful material selection allows pups to enjoy playtime without compromising the environment.

Sustainable Product Sample
Earth Rated x Layer Branding

Beyond Sustainability: Innovative Play

The eco-friendly approach doesn’t stop at materials. Earth Rated’s new toy range reimagines classic dog toys with a playful twist. One example is the chew toy, featuring a twisted form that’s perfect for canine paws to grasp and gnaw on. Another is the unique ball, composed of two intersecting shapes to create an unpredictable bounce that will keep pups entertained for hours. Both the ball and the frisbee are finished in a bright yellow – a color easily visible to dogs, making playtime more engaging and fetch games less frustrating for both pet and owner.

As Benjamin Hubert, founder of Layer Design Agency, explains, “Dog and human ergonomics were key considerations throughout the design process. We used simple geometries, single materials, and straightforward manufacturing processes. This approach not only keeps costs down for pet parents but also challenges us to think creatively about improving classic toy designs without adding unnecessary complexity.” The result? Sustainable, innovative dog toys that are as fun for furry friends to play with as they are easy on the planet.

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