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Kloo Coffee

Kloo Coffee Harmoniously Blends Minimalist and Maximalist Aesthetics

In our tumultuous era, where distractions and anxieties abound, the collective yearning for simplicity resonates deeply. Nowhere is this desire more pronounced than in the realm of coffee branding. Kloo Craft Coffee masterfully blends minimalist sensibilities with the art of coffee.

Kloo Coffee: A Symphony of Flavor and Simplicity
Kloo Craft Coffee : A Symphony of Flavor and Simplicity

With specialty-grade beans meticulously roasted in-house, Kloo invites patrons to savor simplicity. Whether enjoyed steaming hot or over ice, its craft coffee concentrate whispers tranquility—a harmonious symphony of flavor and form

Outline’s design for the Kloo craft coffee brand deftly navigates the intersection of swirly maximalism and understated aesthetics. The exquisite flask of coffee concentrate features a stylish, frenetic squiggle—an artistic nod to the energizing effects of caffeine.

Yet, its packaging—a serene aqua box—strips away the noise, conveying only essential information. Notably, the playful hook on the letter K in ‘Kloo’ playfully echoes the brand’s wavy logo.

Kloo Craft Coffee Concentrate: A Symphony of Flavor and Simplicity

Kloo, an evocative brand that demystifies coffee, draws inspiration from gradual awakenings that culminate in radical revolutions. Its essence lies in subtle, hidden details and a quiet elusivity—an invitation to embark on a journey of discovery.

Encased in a frosted glass bottle crowned with a metallic top and adorned with screenprinted graphics, Kloo ’s presentation echoes the sophistication of craft spirits, elevating the coffee-drinking experience

Kloo Coffee New Packaging Design
Kloo Coffee’s New Packaging Design

Kloo’s wordmark artfully alludes to the distinctive composition of its hero product—the looped K. Simultaneously, its mark embodies the fluidity and boundless potential inherent in the coffee concentrate. Maze-like trails emanate from the core K shape, inviting viewers to explore and interpret their own discoveries.

Outline orchestrated an extensive full-day photoshoot encompassing product shots, flavor profiles, and an array of recipes. Through deliberate moodiness and an air of mystery, the brand’s inherent versatility was spotlighted. This approach not only reinforced the brand’s understated intellectual appeal but also celebrated its multifaceted nature.

To enhance the understated, effortless luxury inherent in the product, the design company crafted packaging that exudes the allure of a thoughtful gift. At first glance, it delights—a promise waiting to be unwrapped and explored. The accompanying brochure and flavor decoder serve as the gateway to a captivating journey of discovery.