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Kenda Unveils New Brand Logo

Kenda has recently undertaken a brand image and logo refresh to convey its vision of “Designed for Your Journey.” According to the company, the new logo incorporates three design elements that symbolize quality assurance, a strong foundation, and the road ahead.

The top part of the logo features a checkmark shape representing quality assurance and safety. The bottom part consists of an inverted V shape, symbolizing a strong foundation. Lastly, a diagonal line in the middle signifies the road ahead.

This new logo forms part of Kenda’s brand refresh strategy. Its aim is to communicate its core values of honesty, quality, service, and innovation, as stated by the company.

Jimmy Yang, chairman and president of Kenda, expressed the company’s commitment to helping customers reach their destinations safely and reliably. Kenda designs its products to be durable, performance-oriented, and value-driven.

New vision of a world-class brand

The company constantly explores possibilities and seeks innovative ways to improve efficiency and capabilities. Yang emphasized that the new brand image and logo reflect their vision of “Designed for Your Journey”. Their dedication to becoming a world-class brand.

Kenda’s journey began in 1962 in the tire industry, initially focusing on bicycle tires. Over time, the company expanded to include motorcycle, specialty, and automobile tires. With its headquarters in Taiwan, Kenda operates technology centers in the United States, ChinKenda refreshed its brand image and logo to showcase its vision of “Designed for Your Journey.”

Kenda logo
Kenda logo

Kenda history

This brand started in the tire industry with bicycle tires in 1962 and expanded to include motorcycle, specialty and automobile tires. Based in Taiwan, Kenda has technology centers located in the United States, China, Europe and Taiwan.

The company also sponsors various sports events and teams around the world. Its aim is promoting its brand awareness and inspire people to follow their passions.

In addition to its brand refresh, Kenda has a rich history in the tire industry. It started in 1962, initially specializing in bicycle tires. Over the years, the company diversified its offerings to include motorcycle, specialty, and automobile tires.

With its headquarters based in Taiwan, Kenda has established technology centers in the United States, China, Europe, and Taiwan, allowing it to leverage global expertise and resources.

Kenda’s commitment to its customers extends beyond providing reliable tires. The company actively sponsors sports events and teams worldwide, contributing to its brand awareness and encouraging people to pursue their passions. By associating itself with these activities, Kenda aims to inspire individuals to embrace their own journeys, both on and off the road.

Brand awareness and inspire individuals

The brand refresh, along with the new logo and accompanying vision, signifies Kenda’s dedication to being a world-class brand. By focusing on core values such as honesty, quality, service, and innovation, Kenda strives to meet customer needs and deliver products that are not only durable but also performance-oriented and value-driven.

Through constant exploration and innovation, Kenda aims to enhance its efficiency and capabilities, ensuring that its products are always designed to meet the demands of its customers’ journeys.

Overall, Kenda’s brand refresh represents an evolution of its identity, emphasizing its commitment to providing high-quality tires and supporting customers throughout their journeys. Additionally, the company sponsors various sports events and teams worldwide to enhance brand awareness and inspire individuals to pursue their passions.