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Honda’s Bold Move: New ‘H Mark’ Logo Unveiled at CES

During the 2024 CES event, Honda made an exciting announcement by unveiling a fresh logo design, the first update to its iconic “H mark” in 43 years.

This new logo is exclusively intended for Honda’s upcoming electric vehicle (EV) models, showcasing the brand’s commitment to the future of sustainable mobility.

The existing logo will continue to be utilized for Honda’s current lineup of gasoline-powered vehicles. It has retained its timeless appeal through minor updates since 1981, allowing it to align with modern aesthetics.

Combining Tradition and Innovation

A notable aspect of the new Honda logo is its resemblance to the original H mark from the 1960s. With a revamped old-style look, it exudes a retro charm while still appearing contemporary and up-to-date.

Honda states that this logo has been crafted to commemorate the advancement of their forthcoming electric vehicle (EV) offerings. 

The introduction of the logo coincided with the unveiling of two new electric concept cars, namely the Saloon and the Space-Hub, at CES.

A significant change in the new logo is the removal of the outline surrounding the H mark, a longstanding association with Honda over the years.

However, despite this change, there is a widespread sense of enthusiasm regarding this new design direction, and people eagerly await the launch of Honda’s electric vehicles featuring this refreshed logo.

The introduction of the new logo at CES 2024 signifies a momentous achievement for Honda. This logo symbolizes Honda’s commitment to innovation and its determination to cater to the changing demands of consumers in the electric vehicle industry. 

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