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Exploring 2D & 3D Character Design in Photoshop & Blender

Art Director Francesco Guarini introduces character design principles in 2D & 3D using Photoshop & Blender in The Gnomon Workshop’s latest release. Geared towards beginners and intermediate artists, the workshop offers over three hours of video training.

Learn the core principles of character design for animation projects

Guiding participants through the process, Guarini transforms character concepts from sketches to polished renders. He utilizes Blender for 3D modeling and rendering, and Photoshop for versatile post-production.

Additionally, Participants can download project files, including Guarini’s design, 3D model, and render set-up, enriching their learning and resources.

Exploring 2D & 3D Character Design in Photoshop & Blender

Artist Overview

Francesco Guarini, an Art Director and Visual Development Artist, boasts a rich background in the animation industry since 2015, contributing to both 2D and 3D TV productions as well as feature films.

His expertise spans across renowned animation studios such as Blue Zoo Animation, Able & Baker, Red Star 3D, and Method n Madness.

Cost and Accessibility

The course “2D & 3D Character Design in Photoshop & Blender” is available through a subscription to The Gnomon Workshop, granting access to over 300 tutorials. Subscriptions are priced at 519 per year, with the option of free trials for interested individuals.