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After Effects’ Beta Now Supports Importing 3D Models

Adobe has unveiled a new beta version of After Effects, introducing significant enhancements to its 3D capabilities. Users can now import and animate 3D models directly within the software.
This functionality expands the creative potential of After Effects by enabling the incorporation of animated characters and intricate objects into compositions.

The beta offers an improved workflow through the ability to copy and paste keyframes across multiple layers. Finally, the user interface has been modernized to align with Adobe’s Spectrum 2 design system, promoting a more streamlined user experience.

Animate in After Effects: Import Animated 3D Models

The latest After Effects beta builds upon the recent advancements in 3D workflows by introducing the ability to import animated 3D models directly into compositions. This functionality allows for the seamless integration of pre-animated characters and objects, further expanding the creative possibilities within After Effects.

After Effects beta allows you to import animated 3D models
After Effects beta allows you to import animated 3D models

This addition complements the previously introduced features, such as importing 3D models and rendering them using the new. Advanced 3D Renderer, solidifying After Effects’ position as a powerful tool for compositing projects with rich 3D elements.

While the After Effects beta touts a revamped 3D workspace, many features arrived in versions 24.1 and 24.2. The real innovation? Importing animated 3D models (including characters!) with embedded animations directly into compositions. However, After Effects currently only accepts OBJ and glTF/GLB formats, limiting animated characters to glTF/GLB files.

Workflow & UI Updates in After Effects Beta

The After Effects beta adds workflow conveniences like copying/pasting keyframes across layers (goodbye, scripts!) and faster Roto Brush performance. It also includes new keyboard shortcuts for navigating in and out points.

After Effects beta boasts a revamped UI based on Spectrum 2, including a light theme option and reduced UI contrast for better accessibility.

Price and system requirements

The beta requires a subscription and mentions Windows 10+ and macOS 12.0+ for the stable version.
The latest stable release, After Effects 24.3, is accessible for Windows 10+ and macOS 12.0+ through a rental-only model. Subscriptions for the standalone After Effects application are priced at $34.49 monthly and $263.88 annually.